What is this…NottaDiet???

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I am not a doctor. I am not a dietician. I am your average woman who was sick and tired of trying diet after diet only to find failure after failure. I researched a lot of websites, read a ton of medical journals and self-help books before finally creating the Nottadiet.

In no way would I consider myself an expert. I would ask you please consult with your doctor before beginning any detox or making a change in your diet. This book was compiled after careful consideration that although this worked for me and my husband, this book, these recipes, may not work for everyone.

My goal was to lose weight. My goal was to get healthy. My goal of losing 100 pounds seemed absolutely unattainable for so many years. I struggled to lose the weight. I tried and failed at every diet I tried. I was tired, I was sick and I was ready to commit to a real life changing plan. I looked everywhere for a diet that I felt I could stick to. In the end…that diet became my own aptly named Nottadiet.

Is it easy? Yes and no. I mean, it really takes a lot of commitment for the first month. (Those days are the very worst part of this program!) I found though, it did become easier. It became normal. It became sustainable. My weight became manageable.

I cheat! I have cheated on the Nottadiet after completing the first thirty days. I encourage you to cheat on the Nottadiet too! This program isn’t about denying yourself the foods you love or the foods you crave. I believe this is why all of my previous attempts failed. If you tell me I can never, ever have a burger, fries and a soda again in my life…I will not only prove you wrong, but I will take great pride in proving you wrong over and over again. That is what I had done in the past. I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak, become frustrated thinking I have failed and I reverted back to my old habits.

While discovering the Nottadiet, I never felt deprived of food. Now, I will tell you, I experienced what it felt like to be hungry while doing the three-day juice cleanse. (Oh my goodness…I was starving. Or, at least I thought I was.) Now, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill event. I share a lot of personal and sometimes, very emotional stories with you. I apologize ahead of time if I cause you to cry or snort-laugh. (Yes, dieting will take you through many emotional degrees, as I am sure you already know!)

Welcome to the journey!