Podcast Episode three!!!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Episode three has been uploaded and is ready for your listening pleasure!! Here is the link! Oh my word! I am over the moon excited!! Have a listen, click here! Advertisements


You guys! I am beyond excited and nervous and happy and scared and…everything all at once!! EPISODE TWO IS LIVE!!! Click here to listen!!

Episode 1: Seriously, I am normal

Raise your hand if you are ready? The podcast went live on PATREON this morning!! Here is a secret look at Episode ONE! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!

Life Update

Okay, it’s been a whirlwind month so far to say the least. I have been working on getting a podcast going, a Patreon page up and running as well as trying to simplify our lives by de-cluttering our house. You guys! I am a HOARDER! Not even kidding! Ugh, Sigh! I don’t know why I…


Come on over and join from the very, very beginning! I am going to be starting a PODCAST and a PATREON PAGE dedicated to nottadiet!!! Here is the link to Patreon:ย https://www.patreon.com/nottadiet Here is the link to the PODCAST!!!ย https://www.spreaker.com/show/nottadiet