I mean, who really suffers?The relationship was already long compromised before then, right?The key players fell out of love for one another already, right?No harm, no foul. Listen to the latest podcast and decide.

This week on Patreon

Hi there! Here is what we have going on this week, the very first week in the NEW YEAR!! Monday: Podcast goes live on Patreon with early accessTuesday: Podcast live for everyone (Spreaker/iTunes)Wednesday: Check in/Scribbles that Matter bullet journalThursday: Meal Planning for next week in the Scribbles that Matter bullet journalFriday: Recipes are available for…

Season 2 is LIVE!

Welcome to season 2 of the NottaDiet podcast! Today, I introduce my husband and get all sorts of nervous! Opening up the New Year, we talk about being “mostly” plant-based and what that means to us. We also talk about finding our why and talking about plant-based eating to those in our lives. There have…


Hi! My name is April, and I am a content creator, an Author, a podcast creator, a wife, stepmom, full time worker bee and an overweight vegetarian! Welcome to Nottadiet! Here, I am going to share with you my journey of weight gain, weight loss and back again. I will warn you…I tend to swear like…

Podcast Episode three!!!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Episode three has been uploaded and is ready for your listening pleasure!! Here is the link! Oh my word! I am over the moon excited!! Have a listen, click here!


You guys! I am beyond excited and nervous and happy and scared and…everything all at once!! EPISODE TWO IS LIVE!!! Click here to listen!!

Episode 1: Seriously, I am normal

Raise your hand if you are ready? The podcast went live on PATREON this morning!! Here is a secret look at Episode ONE! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!

Life Update

Okay, it’s been a whirlwind month so far to say the least. I have been working on getting a podcast going, a Patreon page up and running as well as trying to simplify our lives by de-cluttering our house. You guys! I am a HOARDER! Not even kidding! Ugh, Sigh! I don’t know why I…


Come on over and join from the very, very beginning! I am going to be starting a PODCAST and a PATREON PAGE dedicated to nottadiet!!! Here is the link to Patreon: Here is the link to the PODCAST!!!